after their 2011 debut of four sustainable eyewear models produced in collaboration with safilo group, italian luxury brand gucci is continuing their commitment to the environment with the design of sunglasses made from liquid wood — a biodegradable material which has never before been used in the eyewear sector — and new eco-friendly packaging.

gucci's biodegradable 'liquid wood' sunglasses initial gucci eyewear produced from bio-based plastic, 2011 in flamed havana with green background



the initial prototype of the semi-matte black sunglasses with shaded grey glass lenses has been developed into a set of frames which draw their formal elements from the stems of the bamboo plant. the hardware, including the hinges and small metal rings that outline the bamboo joints, are all made from recycled metal, paired with mineral glass lenses. liquid wood boasts a composition from bio-based materials: wood fibre from sustainably managed forests and lignin from the paper manufacturing process and natural wax. the eco-friendly material offers an alternative to plastic which is typically used in the production of eyewear.

gucci's biodegradable 'liquid wood' sunglasses alternative bio-plastic gucci frames, 2011



the fashion house first began using 100 % recyclable packaging made from FSC (forest stewardship council) certified paper in 2010 and will now extend this towards its eyewear collections. the new foldable cases will minimize stock space, limiting both the weight and amount of shipments made, in turn reducing 60% of CO2 emissions. the design will bear the mobius loop which is an internationally recognized symbol used to designate recyclable materials.


the 2011 models of gucci’s eco-friendly eyewear are made from an acetate, which compared to traditional acetate used for optical frames, contains a higher percentage of materials derived from natural origins. the bio-plastic has been created in two colors exclusively for gucci eyewear, flamed havana with either a red background or a green background, recalling the fashion house’s iconic green-red-green web.