gwenael nicolas conceives curiosity essence perfume bottle as a glass drop
all images courtesy of curiosity




french designer gwenael nicolas — founder of tokyo-based curiosity studio — has conceived the ‘curiosity essence’ perfume bottle to express a frozen moment in its simplicity and infinite complexity. sugahara glass works has crafted a form that captures movement, gravity, materiality and light as a suspended drop, conveying a sense transience and immense preciousness.

the design is based on the phrase ‘eternity exists in each and every moment’




‘a perfume is a trace of memory that stretches our senses to recreate an image of personal awareness’, nicolas describes. the fragrance, created by sachie arai, is achieved with the intricacy of that single moment in mind. the scent is discovered like a walk through a garden towards a tea house — essences of hinoki, fresh leaves, bergamot, tea, cinnamon and sandalwood carry bring the mind towards serenity.

the bottle is presented in the kiri(paulownia) box




visual design studio WOW has created a concept movie for the perfume, which condenses the essence of the scent and bottle design into a short film.



curiosity essence concept movie
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