‘picNYC’ by haiko cornelissen architecten image by alan tansey

new york and amsterdam-based dutch architect haiko cornelissen of haiko cornelissen architecten has created the ‘picNYC’ table. the grass surface of the furniture allows the urban resident to easily conduct an outdoor-feeling meal indoors. the surreal piece may be altered with the addition of small vegetables or herbs to fit the needs of the table owner as the shape and function of the work is informed by the recently popular cultural movement of urban farming.

‘picNYC’ is made from lightweight aluminum frame which holds the grass, soil, and stones and maintains its shape by the hand trimming of the grass its owner.  the dining experience of the individual is influenced by the nature of the piece- the spilling of water becomes necessity from what is typically an accident. due to the lively quality to the piece, the form, and color of the ‘picNYC’ is shaped by the environment in which the table exists.

haiko cornelissen architecten: picNYC detailed view of the table image by alan tansey

haiko cornelissen architecten: picNYC alternate view of the table image by iwan baan

haiko cornelissen architecten: picNYC wide view of the ‘picNYC table’

haiko cornelissen architecten: picNYC

conceptual drawing