songololo couch

haldane martin is a south african furniture design company based in cape town. the company was founded in 2002 by its director and namesake haldane martin. they also design and produce all their pieces in south africa. their designs is influenced by modern design with references to indigenous african design and materials. the company also works with architects to design interiors for offices, hotels and restaurants. in addition to the aesthetics, their furniture also pays close attention to its sustainability, using green materials and processes whenever possible. their approach to furniture involves a series of small collections. martin states, ‘i like to take one good idea and translate it into a small collection of furniture pieces’.

haldane martinriempie bench

haldane martinzulumama café chair & riempie chair

haldane martinfiela lamp

haldane martinsimplicity side table & simplicity café table

haldane martinnew slant shelf

haldane martinweightless tub chair & simplicity easy chair