‘the curiosity project’ and handmade QR codes by lauren manning and camile wei-hsin lin

the work of lauren manning and camile wei-hsin lin, recent graduates of pratt‘s masters in communication design, ‘the curiosity project’ bridges the fields of print and digital media with a series of handcrafted QR codes. crafted into posters hung around new york city, each QR code linked to a blog post on the ‘curiosity project’ site, offering interesting videos, photos, songs, or other media.

the QR codes themselves were assembled from a range of small objects: hershey kisses, magnets, post-its, and other materials. manning printed or projected a digitally generated QR code and arranged hundreds of individual pieces in order to recreate the shape faithfully enough to function when scanned by smartphones and other devices.

handmade QR codes posters with QR codes composed of wrapped (left) and unwrapped (right) hershey kiss candies

current students in pratt’s graduate program in communications and package design will exhibit the best of this semester’s work on thursday, december 15th, and friday, december 16th, from 3:00 – 6:00PM EST during the institute’s winter 2011 exhibition.

handmade QR codes poster, hand-drawn QR code

handmade QR codes poster, QR code composed of magnets

handmade QR codes QR code composed of post-it notes

handmade QR codes process of creating the post-it note QR code

handmade QR codes sketch

handmade QR codes process of creating the hershey kiss QR codes

handmade QR codes design-aerobics 2012: SELF-PROMO course january 17 – march 17, 2012

this online design course will teach you how to present yourself in the creative world. we examine different approaches that ensure that you, your talent, and your work are brought to the attention of the people that matter to you.

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