‘moody sofa’ by  hanna emelie ernsting image © designboom

cross-over furniture piece, ‘moody sofa’ by german designer hanna emelie ernsting has been awarded second place at imm cologne 2011 in the international [D3] competition for young designers.

the series – which includes a sofa, a ‘nest’ and a bag – is expressed in a way that allows a wide range of moods to dictate the shape of the sofa. the size and pattern of the cover enables a series of forms that transition between a representable sofa and an object the engulfs the user.

hanna emelie ernsting: moody sofa adopting a form that resembles a traditional sofa image © designboom

hanna emelie ernsting: moody sofa ‘comfy’ mood image © designboom

constructed out of high quality cotton lined with wadding, the 20 meter square by four meter high object rests on top of a concealed wooden base. by partially detaching the cover from the base, the sofa becomes as flexible as a piece of fabric.

hanna emelie ernsting: moody sofa ‘sleepy’ mood image © designboom

reacting to the constantly entwined relationship of work life and private life, the design aims to encourage its users to calm down and let go of the stresses from their day. the flexible form follows the mood of its user as it contorts and folds around the body, creating an environment that is suitable to their needs.

hanna emelie ernsting: moody sofa fully submersed in the sofa image © designboom