hanna krüger assembles porcelain piles for rosenthal
all images courtesy of hanna krüger




the ‘pila’ series, meaning ‘pile’ in italian is an assemblage of staked plates by german designer hanna krüger from the rosenthal studio-line. the project draws it reference from everyday life – where plate piles are created for pragmatic reasons, for washing up in the sink or stashed in the cupboard. demonstrating the clash of forms, stories and time that can develop a new aesthetic dimension, the objects allow multiple variations. the individual plates become part of the whole, a new form. the perception of the singular changes in the overall context with each object being different. the selection of plates are combined in a way that offers unique compositions. displaying the range of rosenthal’s porcelain designs: from a simple item to a more decorative one and also unconventional reliefs.


the ‘pila series’ will be exhibited from 7 to 11 february at ambiente 2014, frankfurt fair.



hanna krüger assembles porcelain piles for rosenthal line
the stacked porcelain plates of rosenthal studio-line


vases are formed by the piles


view from above showing the different plates stacked on top of one another


every pile forms a unique object


the assemblages are all different


a small table light


the light illuminates through the smooth plates


the plates becomes both light and reflector


the golden and copper surfaces of the plates are illuminated


the collection of three lights


the lights are built with porcelain plates and a glass LED cylinder



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