‘scum chair’ by hannes harms all images courtesy hannes harms

german industrial design student hannes harms has sent us images of ‘scum chair’, an assemble-it-yourself furniture piece that utilizes expanding foam. exploring the idea of usability, the design consists of a piece of cardboard with a perforated pattern of the fold-out structure. users are then able to simply fold the stool together and seal it off with expanding foam.

a playful take on the traditional flatpack-furniture system, ‘scum chair’ feeds off the contrasting aesthetic elements of the organized, folding mechanism with the gelatinous foam to create a product that questions the idea of ‘anti-design’.

hannes harms: scum chair profile view

hannes harms: scum chair

hannes harms: scum chair assembly

hannes harms: scum chair in use

hannes harms: scum chair perforated cardboard piece and expanding foam