‘apple‘ by hans sandgren jakobsen

‘apple’ is a wooden lockable stool concept by danish designer hans sandgren jakobsen. the seating unit subtly draws its form from the natural shape of an egg and an apple and is made up from pieces of wood that have been identically cut and steam bent into the shape of individual ‘pieces of cake’ which are then glued together. the stool is then put onto a lathe and turned to fabricate the final shape. it is then given the soap-treatment which smooths and gives the wooden surface a bit of a sheen. overall, ‘apple’ measures 45 centimeters in diameter by 45 centimeters in height.

hans sandgren jakobsen: apple detail

hans sandgren jakobsen: apple ‘apple’ in the background in its raw glued form and the individual ‘cake pieces’ prior to gluing in the foreground

hans sandgren jakobsen: apple top view

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