fat tray

designer harri koskinen has created a collection of multi-purpose tableware consisting of glasses and a bamboo container/tray for alessi. founder of design studio friends of industry ltd, he is known to conceptualize products that are not only functional inventions but also seek to experiment with production techniques and the way people interact with the products.

harri koskinen for alessi tray container in bamboo wood photo by emilio tremolada

‘I have called this voracious tray ‘fat’ because it has already swallowed everyhing you need for setting a table, which is now on the inside, while on top, fresh food, beverages or pastries area ready to be served during a business meeting or an afternoon tea. it is the first tray/container by alessi and their only wooden tray currently in production.’ – HK

harri koskinen for alessi 123dl, set composed of three glasses/measuring cups in crystalline glass photo by emilio tremolada‘123dl is a set of three glasses intended for all sorts of purposes: drinking/toasting, measuring/cooking, stacking/storing. I was thinking about these glasses as a set that could satisfy numerous needs throughout the day: maybe for a snack, or enjoying an espresso or a cappuccino or … using these same three glasses as measuring cups: flour in the tallest glass (3 dl), 4 eggs in the medium one (2 dl) and salt to taste’ -HK

harri koskinen for alessi cups can be used for aperitifs, dinner, tea breaks or measure recipe ingredients image by harri koskinen