harry allen’s steuben piggy bank all images courtesy of steuben

when collaborating with a company, american designer harry allen likes to design something that is appropriate to them. so, when he was asked by steuben, manufacturer of handmade art glass and crystal, to develop a piggy bank, he focused on their craft of hand made glass, as well as their reputation for producing small collectible animals – a nice opportunity to connect to the company’s past and develop a more functional object.

allen applied the same basic proportions of his own pet basset hounds and their gestures to his pig as he felt them to be similar. dollops of glass make up the piggy bank’s ears, lumps for the rump, with a twist for a tail. rather than producing a traditional standing glass pig with a slot, he instead has his pig sitting down with a big mouth whereby the money goes in. when capped, the stopper become the nostrils. each piece is hand-made.

harry allen: piggy bank for steuben a large opening in the pig’s mouth whereby you put your money, is a replacement for the typical slot found on piggy banks

harry allen: piggy bank for steuben steuben piggy bank in use