harry nuriev’s lifesize velvet jewel box sets stage for H&M’s pop-up FW23 collection in paris

harry nuriev’s lifesize velvet jewel box sets stage for H&M’s pop-up FW23 collection in paris

Harry nuriev of crosby studios with H&m for FW23 in paris


Harry Nuriev’s pop-up installation in Paris sees him craft a lifesize velvet red jewel box with benches and a cabinet hall in red and reflective surfaces to set the stage for his collaboration with H&M. Harry Nuriev – famed for fusing nuances of fashion and design in his furniture and installations – have conceptualized and executed an immersive scenography for this pop-up, which is open to the public from September 26th to 30th, 2023, at the Galerie du Temple in Paris.


Harry Nuriev borrowed the recognizable red shade of H&M and infused it into all of his sculptures and installations. The clothing company’s FW23 collection will be presented during Paris Fashion Week in the heart of the Marais, and the curated creations of the Crosby Studios Founder accommodate not only the recent pieces but also the archival fashion designs of H&M spanning 10 years.


Upon entering the space, visitors can rifle through H&M’s 10 years of collections using a library created by Harry Nuriev using a series of push-to-open vertical cabinets. The wardrobe resembles book spines as each container is engraved with the year of the collection on top. Here, even the carpeted floor receives the H&M red color – its shade is reflected through the glossy surfaces on the side walls – and the ceiling lights up the space with the soft glow of white beams.

harry nuriev crosby studios H&M velvet jewel box
images by Crosby Studios | photos by Benoit Florençon



Velvet red jewel box doubles as mini theater


Moving forward, visitors can enter the life-size red jewel box that Harry Nuriev and Crosby Studios devised for the multisensory presentation, where they can sit on the silky benches. Here, they can watch the campaign film of the clothing company while relishing what it may feel like inside a jewelry box. After a moment of respite, they can walk toward H&M Studio’s FW23 collection upon exiting the installation, where the fashion designs are complemented by the black and white water-droplet graphics on the floor. Here, the water droplets stand out from the beige-hued floor and sync well with the color scheme of the collection.


In the center of the gallery, visitors can watch the campaign film of H&M, and once they have concluded their visit, the last space features an installation founded on video projection and digital realization. Harry Nuriev says that for H&M, Crosby Studios designed a futuristic capsule entirely in red which refers to the brand’s logo shade. ‘This central installation invites you on a ‘journey’ before revealing the collection in a metallic setting punctuated with water droplet-shaped prints. The overall effect is bold, showcasing the pieces in an unexpected way,’ says Harry Nuriev.

harry nuriev crosby studios H&M velvet jewel box
Harry Nuriev and Crosby Studios borrowed the shade of red from H&M’s recognizable hue

harry nuriev crosby studios H&M velvet jewel box
the velvet jewel box doubles as a mini theater to showcase H&M’s campaign film

harry nuriev crosby studios H&M velvet jewel box
upon exiting the velvet jewel box by Harry Nuriev and Crosby Studios, viewers can see H&M’s FW23 collections

harry nuriev crosby studios H&M velvet jewel box
H&M’s FW23 collections


inside the velvet jewel box by Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios for H&M


project info:


name: Harry Nuriev’s pop-up

studio: Crosby Studios

design: Harry Nuriev

company: H&M

location: Galerie du Temple – 138 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris

dates: September 26th to 30th, 2023

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