havas istanbul launches ‘cap the tap’


According to a UN study, Turkey is expected to be water poor by 2030. Yet research shows that households keep wasting water on needless chores like rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwashers, totaling 57 liters every cycle and amounting to millions of tons annually. In light of that, Havas Istanbul has launched ‘Cap The Tap’ — a simple yet revolutionary 3D-printed gadget that regulates water flow, helping Turkey save up to 35 tons of water every year per household. 





turning the finish rinse aid bottle cap into a water regulator 


Dishwasher brand Finish launched a campaign to increase awareness around the issue four years ago. As a result, and after several launches, 6 million houses had stopped pre-rinsing. Unfortunately, a remaining 46% of the global population said they would not change their daily habits to save the environment. ‘Alongside communication that aims to convert opinions, ideas for saving water effortlessly are equally needed,’ explains Havas Istanbul (see more here).


Selim Burunkaya, creative at Havas, further explains what sparked the idea behind the ‘Cap The Tap’ project: ‘One night a dripping tap kept me awake. When I replaced the tap, I realized how much it resembles the Finish Rinse Aid bottle cap. So then I thought, why not combine the two?’ 

with this 3D-printed cap, turkish households can save 35 tons of water per year

‘Cap The Tap’ acts as a water regulator


As such, the team decided to redesign the Finish Rinse Aid bottle cap, equipping it with a double function. Once the bottle is emptied, users can easily upcycle the cap by screwing it onto a water tap to serve as a percolator, an apparatus that regulates the flow of water and ultimately reduces waste by 60-70%. ‘It can, in other words, save up to nine liters of water every minute,’ specifies the agency.


Havas designed the device according to the most common tap standard, M22, which is estimated to be used in 90% of Turkish homes.

cap the tap 3
3D printing the design



‘Cap The Tap’ was initially soft-launched on World Water Day (March 22). The team planned it with a limited batch of 200 bottles targeting opinion leaders and influencers, teasing mass production in 2023. Once out on the market, the rinse aid bottle cap will come in different designs and colors for users to pick from.

cap the tap 5

close up shot

cap the tap 4
rubbing the cap with emery

cap the tap 8
packaging of the Finish bottle

cap the tap 1






project info:


name: Cap The Tap

design: Havas Istanbul



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