HAWORTH + patricia urquiola collaborate on office furniture




HAWORTH-designboom editorial collaboration: HAWORTH + patricia urquiola collaborate on office furniture


designboom partners with leading office furniture company HAWORTH on an editorial series that investigates the future of the contemporary office environment and new ways of working. our alliance brings forth insights into the workplace and how it has evolved from something more static, into an active and modular condition.


HAWORTH focuses its research on office interiors and people’s interactions and behaviors within the agile workplace environment, addressing employees needs through the development of flexible architecture and furniture solutions that enhance one’s productivity levels, as well as strengthening community and collaboration amongst staff. 

haworth patricia urquiola designboom a high-back sofa offers privacy as well as a comfortable meeting place for employees




in this first feature, we announce the american manufacturer’s beginning of a long-term partnership with patricia urquiola which will see them concentrate on creating a portfolio of products that center on new ways of working. particular emphasis will be put on shaping a number of casual meeting and gathering spaces of various sizes, bringing together interior components, furniture and technological elements for different commercial applications. the first installment, sees the conception of a sofa family, seating pieces, small tables and configurable screening elements.haworth patricia urquiola designboom the first installment of products emphasizes the importance of gathering spaces within the workplace



‘patricia’s design endeavors span a wide range of both subject matter and scale, making the prospects of creating holistic work environments, infused with studio urquiola’s sensitivity, freshness and sensibility, very exciting,’ said jeff reuschel, global design director for HAWORTH.  ‘together, our goal is to discover and develop a new landscape for today’s and tomorrow’s workers.’HAWORTH + patricia urquiola collaborate on office furnitureseating modules, side tables and configurable room dividers comprise the initial collection



‘we are working on a landscape of elements that can live as single pieces with different functions, or integrated in an open system,’ said patricia urquiola. ‘with common characteristics of softness, visual and tactile, and adaptability. creating a comfort zone, a behavioral state, in relation with incoming and out coming interactions. you can decide when and how to step in, to seek an anxiety neutral condition, a steady level of performance, security. also, decide when to step out. hopefully, taking with you a virtual comfort zone with mental boundaries.’HAWORTH + patricia urquiola collaborate on office furniturethe first installment of HAWORTH’s collaboration with patricia urquiola presented during NEOCON 2013