henningmade combines craft and technology in regina lasercut cabinet
all images courtesy of studio henningmade




henningmade is a dutch design studio led by sven hulsbergen henning. the practice focuses heavily on the interactions between master craft and modern technology, using the dynamic as a means to rethink craftsmanship in a contemporary sense. the ‘regina’ cabinet is the studio’s latest objet d’art, and is made of multiple layers of mahogany and acrylic panels with stainless steel fittings. henningmade used a laser cutter to form each piece of the complex structure which is composed of distinctly geometrical shapes.

henningmade craft technology regina cabinet designboom
the cabinet’s interior reveals a grid pattern 




the form’s interior reveals the grid that underlies the exterior design. a ribbed construction pierces the polished mahogany skin repeatedly, providing a sense of order to the overall work. both matte and gloss acrylics are used in ‘regina’ and together continuously change reflection and contrast patterns. 

henningmade craft technology regina cabinet designboom
matte and polished acrylics play with light, as do the stainless steel fittings

henningmade craft technology regina cabinet designboom
the base construction radiates from the center of the cabinet

dooropening detail — light interplay 



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