‘ropero’ by hierve

‘ropero’ which means wardrobe in spanish, is the newest furniture design by mexico city and london-based studio hierve. the cabinet is a freestanding modular system which offers a creative practical solution that addresses our contemporary needs for clothes storage.

the unit is comprised of a series of modules and bases which can be mixed and stacked together allowing flexibility to the user. each part consists of an outer shell which is composed of a solid oak wood framework, closed off by laminated glass housing an inner core made from MDF which can be painted any color according to one’s desire. the interior element can easily be removed from the frame, making maintenance easy and convenient.

the system of categories consists of three different modules: lower modules: these are designed to go next to the floor and are made-up of four different elements – a drawer unit, a section for shoes and boots, another for bags and purses and finally an area to house a laundry bag. upper modules: these sections are placed on top of the lower modules and include three different parts: one for hanging clothes, general shelving and an open hanging section which allows for the ventilation of one’s garments. full modules: having the same heights as a combined lower and upper module, it is used for suspending longer items of clothing and has two sliding mirrors.

‘ropero’ is available with both ‘straight’ and ‘basket’ (angled) bases and is accompanied by different attachments including a shelving bench – a conventional seating surface with shelf and storage below. 

during milan design week 2012, ‘ropero’ will be on show at superstudio, temporary museum for new design, from april 17th – 22nd.

hierve: ropero modular wardrobe ‘ropero’ with a square straight base which offers additional shelving and drawer space

hierve: ropero modular wardrobe detail

hierve: ropero modular wardrobe up close of the shelving and inner lighting system