himmee commercially debuts loop lamp at stockholm furniture fair 2016
all images courtesy of himmee




helsinki-based design studio himmee — founded by timo niskanen — is set to launch the ‘loop’ table lamp at the stockholm furniture fair next week. after being debuted to much acclaim as a prototype at milan design week 2009, the minimal design has finally been optimized for commercial production. light comes from a band of LEDs placed within the arch of the unit’s circular housing, which is made of aluminum and diffused using opal acrylic. the next proponent of new nordic, ‘loop’ is a clearly stated piece intended to counter the rapid fashions and trends that define modern industrial design. 

‘loop’ is available in black and white finishes 

himmee loop lamp stockholm furniture fair
‘loop’s’ continuity is broken only once, where the cord meets the unit 

the lamp can be controlled by touch dimmer at the base 

himmee loop lamp stockholm furniture fair
himmee commercially launches ‘loop’ at stockholm furniture fair 2016



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