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mini sleeping trailer 'hitch hotel' expands up to 7 feet in under 1 minute

Accommodation on-the-go with hitch hotel


Going out for creative camping to witness nature unfold before one’s eyes, or simply soak in the sun might need campers to lug around giant tents or tow van-sized trailers that slow down their vehicles. Hitch Hotel doesn’t believe it has to be this way. Walking the walk, the California-based company has devised a mini, towable, stow-able, retractable, lockable, weather-resistant sleeping trailer that could double as on-the-road storage space.

hitch hotel mini trailer
images courtesy of Hitch Hotel



Hitch Hotel plays a dual role. First, it acts as a compact storage with less than 3.5 feet of space, ideal for carrying coolers or boxes when campers travel. Then, if they need to sleep, nap, or take a break, they can just extend the mini trailer by pulling out the cabin like a Matryoshka doll.


In under 53 seconds, campers are afforded a 7-foot sleeping space that can accommodate two people. The door slash window flaps up and down for easy access, and campers can just prop it up to enjoy the room inside and the view outside at once.

hitch hotel mini trailer
it expands up to 7 feet



How to expand hitch hotel


The first step to expanding the Hitch Hotel is to lower the stabilizers located below the mini trailer. Then, campers expand it by pulling the spring-loaded locking pins inside the trailer. To extend it to 7 feet, the same steps should be repeated for the second extension, and campers need to lock everything up by setting the floor latches positioned inside the trailer. Once everything is set, they can spruce up the space and enjoy their break.

hitch hotel mini trailer
process of expanding Hitch Hotel



The team behind Hitch Hotel – comprising co-founders Gil Goren and Geoff Patterson –  is a go-anywhere hotel room that expands from a storage box to a roomy 7-foot camper that comfortably sleeps two adults off the ground. ‘It is compact enough to store almost anywhere, large enough to stow your gear, and light enough to tow on the hitch of any car,’ the team states.


Since the Hitch Hotel is an on-the-go accommodation, the team explicitly designed it to be towed behind vehicles big and small and can be supported by any vehicle. They also believe that the mini sleeping trailer can be easily expanded. ‘However, if you are not comfortable unpacking and installing your unit, we will locate a nearby Installer to assist you,’ the team adds.

it can be easily towed by any vehicle
it can be easily towed by any vehicle

campers can spruce up the space on their own
campers can spruce up the space on their own


Hitch Hotel


project info:


name: Hitch Hotel

company: Hitch Hotel

co-founders: Gil Goren and Geoff Patterson

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