HOWE introduces sixE learn, a collaborative chair concept by pearsonlloyd 





with working and educational environments no longer being confined to strict arrangements of desks and seating, pearsonlloyd responds by introducing a more collaborative and effortless way of working individually, and in groups. developed for HOWE, ‘sixE’ is characterized by a personal work surface that has built-in ‘at hand’ storage with room for papers, notebooks, a laptop or tablet, making things easily accessible. this integrated stand has the capacity to support main tablets and phones for both landscape and portrait viewing, offering up a larger horizontal work area. this thin, compact feature also provides more space beneath the seat, thus lots of legroom for ease of movement.

the ‘sixE’ features built-in, at hand storage with room for papers, notebooks, a laptop or tablet 




the ‘sixE’ comes on a swivel base for mobility, allowing students to easily shift and configure their workspaces in a number of ways during a lesson. what makes the collaborative chair concept particularly clever is the fact that the table can be positioned behind the seat back when not in use, or can be moved left or write depending on the students’ preferences; further benefiting communication between individuals when they are working together. additionally, ‘sixE’ has a cup and bottle holder which sits off the desk to avoid any mishaps or spillage.

the chair accommodates most tables and phones for both landscape and portrait format viewing





available in a side and armchair version, in six different colors, students will get the maximum performance out of the six E’s the design has to offer: great Ergonomics; strong Environment credentials, Efficiency, Economic sound, Ease of use and light Elegance. pearsonlloyd have envisioned a complete collaborative chair concept that facilitates active learning, group discussions as well as traditional instruction. sixe-pearsonlloyd_designboom_006
the worksurface is compact and efficient

top view of the workspace

when not in use, the table can be swiveled behind the chair


‘sixE’ by pearsonlloyd


the design allows for co-learning…

while also facilitating collaborative work