‘swing time’ by höweler + yoon architecture is an interactive playscape composed of 20 illuminated ring-shaped swings. designed in three different sizes, the welded polypropylene swings enable users to engage, exercise and play as individuals or in groups. the installation activates the temporary urban park and creates a community area between the boston convention, exhibition center and D street.


the illuminating community park enables users to interact with each other
video courtesy of höweler + yoon architecture




LED lighting within the swings are regulated by custom micro-controllers that signal their activity levels. this happens thanks to the internal accelerometer that measures the forces of the swing. this means when they are static, they emit a soft, white light and a switching one from white to purple when in motion. these responsive play elements invite users to interact with each other and create more of a community at the boston park.

featuring 20 illuminating lights, the temporary park is situated by boston’s south neighborhoods
images courtesy of john horner photography


manufactured in three different sizes, there are rings for people to enjoy, relax or exercise with


internal monitors detect movement and change colors depending on the motion’s force


when forces are static and the swings are not in use, they emit a soft, white light


the park is filled with a calm ambiance


the park is available for individuals or groups to enjoy


the numerous swings allow people to interact with their friends