timepiece design: hublot has collaborated with italia independent founder lapo elkann and italian talior luca rubinacci for the ‘classic fusion’ watch model. 60,000 square metres of precious houndstooth, tweeds and other cloths were found in the tailors collection and applied to the dial and straps of the 45 mm range of timekeepers for a luxurious timeless finish. 




since 2014, two collections have been born from the partnership between hublot, italia independent and lapo elkann. although both of the previous collections were based on the legendary ‘big bang unico’ model, this time a unique and creative process was applied to the ‘classic fusion’ model. 




lapo elkann who is frequently named ‘the most elegant man in the world’ has made bespoke designs and customisation his signature. he brought ferrari’s ‘tailor made’ programme to life, and he is continuing and expanding upon the concept with garage italia customs; cars, boats, planes and helicopters, with a unique level of customisation, personalisation and innovative creativity for the whole mobility industry. lapo also applies this same expertise to the creations that he designs for hublot and italia independent.


‘as a creator, I have always put customisation and bespoke designs, which for me represent real luxury, at the heart of my different projects. it is with this in mind that I conceive and design unique objects, which meet my tastes and requirements, but also satisfy my clients. I like the fact that they become truly mine and that they are distinctive, and this is the case for the classic fusion italia independent collection.’ lapo elkann, founder and artistic director of italia independent

italia independent founder lapo elkann and italian talior luca rubinacci