sweep & selfie simultaneously with human haus’ multi-purpose broom




‘selfiebroom’ is the new must have home accessory for semi-functioning adults. developed by ranjiv sirpal of toronto-based human haus, the multi-purpose tool eradicates the ‘everyday nuisance’ of sweeping by providing a cellphone mount and free-standing base that turns a thirty-second task into a fifteen minute one — now that’s efficiency! ‘selfiebroom’ allows users to take selfies with ease, and is likely not yet banned by most museums and institutions. to snatch up your own, support human haus’ on-going kickstarter campaign here

human haus selfiebroom
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video courtesy of human haus

sweep & selfie simultaneously with human haus' multi-purpose broom
baby and broom at the same time

human haus selfiebroom
free-standing base detail

‘selfiebroom’ base transition

‘selfiebroom’ was developed by human haus



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