cctv chandelier version 2 demonstrated by the designer

korean student of the royal college of art studying product design, hwang kim, has created the CCTV chandelier. a virtual doppelganger simulator with the intention that you can look objectively at yourself in a third person point of view. the interactive installation has 12 CCTV surrounding and hanging near the viewer’s face attached to a collar ensuring consistent point of view. this wearable visual system is connected to a series of 12 individual tvs allowing the participant to see their own body or the surrounding environment from a third person perspective. therefore, you yourself, viewer and visitor are displayed as an object in the gallery.

check out his site for more of his process of ideation and construction of the final version.

hwang kim: CCTV chandelier CCTV chandelier as presented in the gallery

hwang kim: CCTV chandelier 2d draft of final components

hwang kim: CCTV chandelier mocking up with paper models and different orientations

hwang kim: CCTV chandelier machining process of arms

hwang kim: CCTV chandelier printed circuit board layout and production

hwang kim: CCTV chandelier original CCTV chandelier version 1 street test

CCTV chandelier from Hwang Kim on Vimeo.

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