cocoon – portable urban shelter for homeless

korean product designer and student of the royal college of art hwang kim seeks to help the homeless population by distributing a folding portable urban shelter made from cardboard. the project entitled ‘cocoon’ is made from pre-folded single ply cardboard with plastic buttons that can be reduced to a smaller, flattened and more transport friendly shape.

the ‘cocoon’ project is a practical solution to providing a basic human need that comes from kim’s philosophical backing in universal design: valuing people first and creating products that enable people to live a better life. the private shelter aims to give a little pleasure while facing the hash conditions of being homeless.

hwang kim: urban homeless cocoon homeless in seoul, south korea

hwang kim: urban homeless cocoon paper mock up process

hwang kim: urban homeless cocoon 2d draft and manufactured cocoon

hwang kim: urban homeless cocoon distribution

hwang kim: urban homeless cocoon diagram of use

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