hyundai helio curve sculpture in motion 2.0 at 2015 milan design week
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unveiling the second part of the ‘sculpture in motion’ project at the 2015 milan design week, the hyundai ‘helio curve’ kinetic installation forms a living wave that celebrates the ‘moment of motion’. created with california-based artist reuben margolin, the collaboration reflects the motor company’s design philosophy, ‘fluidic sculpture’, and also the relationship between movement in the natural and automotive worlds. furthermore, the showcased principles depict how the creative process is always adaptive and flowing. its idea was sourced from nature and takes on the appearance of a continuously moving living organism.


artist reuben margolin talks about working with hyundai to bring sculpture in motion to life
video courtesy of hyundai worldwide




demonstrating action in a more tangible and sculptural form, the hyundai ‘helio curve’ recreates the movements of an ocean by suspending 400 open-celled tongue-and-groove wooden blocks within a five-meter cube. each part is linked by string to an electrically-powered metal drive, and appear to be connected to form a wave over 10 ft (three meters) high. outside the exhibition which houses the 5m tall, 9m wide and 26m long installation, the hyundai ‘intrado’ concept car is on display, after its premier at the 2014 geneva motor show.

the installation demonstrates the continuous movement of nature


a close-up view of the electrically-powered metal drive
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it reflects the motor company’s design philosophy of ‘fluidic sculpture’




the moving sculpture is 5m tall, 9m wide and 26m long


each block has a string that is connected to the metal drive
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the living wave celebrates the ‘moment of motion’
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peter schreyer, chief design officer (left) and artist reuben margolin (right)