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hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels

seven by hyundai triggers a different era of autonomous driving



as if inside your own living room, hyundai reveals the fully reimagined interior concept ‘SEVEN’. the fully electric product opens a new chapter for the IONIQ brand, the south korean automotive manufacturer’s dedicated badge for sustainable and innovative mobility solutions aiming to reach an emissions-free environment. based upon electrification, eco-friendly design and smart mobility, the car breaks away from the traditions and limitations of internal combustion designs becoming, what is said to be, the first true SUEV (sport utility electric vehicle).



‘as a tangible proof of hyundai’s vision of ‘progress for humanity’, IONIQ changes the paradigm of electric vehicle customer experiences, accommodating diverse lifestyles without constraints,’ mentions thomas schemera, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer, hyundai motor company.

hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels
all images courtesy of hyundai




no-one can complain on a long family trip with SEVEN’s built-in fridge and roof display screen


with a design that reflects a different era of autonomous driving, SEVEN by hyundai goes beyond the idea of just transporting and reimagining the time and space during travelling. connection and personality merge inside the all-electric vehicle as leisure, work and communication become not only feasible but flexible, too. in the same way one would enjoy the comfort of their own home, the experience becomes a premium lounge. for those long family trips, the vision roof display features a panoramic OLED screen that tailors content based on passengers’ tastes, whilst changing the overall interior atmosphere for maximum relaxation or enjoyment. SEVEN’s built-in mini fridge provides chilled refreshment on the go – no-one goes hungry! 



SEVEN dares to break from the beaten path and paves the way forward for what an SUV needs to become in the EV era with a unique aerodynamic pure form that does not compromise on its rugged personality. the interior opens up a new dimension of space that cares for its passenger as a family living space,’ says sangyup lee, senior vice president, head of hyundai global design.

hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels
SEVEN concept in display



fully customizable, the hyundai experience becomes personal and fluid


with an aerodynamic flow, soft and minimal lines characterize the car. the wheels have been pushed outwards extending in this way the wheelbase as much as possible, offering users as much freedom internally as possible. thanks to the versatile E-GMP platform, full customization is possible; for this reason no two vehicles can look the same inside. moreover, the flat floor extending to the 3rd row allows a seat-arrangement layout that is certainly fluid. to spatially expand the interior further, pillarless coach doors are used on the passenger side, that open automatically revealing the welcoming inside.



performance wise, SEVEN provides outstanding driving range and ultra-fast charging capabilities. as if on a secret mission, the driver’s seat has a retractable control stick that can be hidden when not in use, while the cockpit remain slim without the need for the driving apparatus used in traditional cars. 

hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels
the sleek interior is as comfortable as one’s own living room

hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels
the interior is fitted with mineral plaster, bamboo wood and hygienically treated fabric




SEVEN’s sleek style lights up in the darkness highlighting the car’s futuristic feel


the SEVEN concept continues to take hygiene seriously even when the passengers leave the vehicle, as this is when the UVC sterilization kicks in and prepares the interior of the car for the next journey. in a futuristic tone, when empty, the control stick, first-row storage drawer and speakers pop up, and sanitizing UVC lights help clean the living space.



even in darkness, the product is easily identified by IONIQ’s signature parametric pixel lights, delivering a welcome light sequence once the engine starts. the specific lights are a common thread that links the digital and the analog, a characteristic identity of the brand.  down to every single pixel, the design is carefully inspected as the pillarless coach door & side are illuminated with ambient light, complemented by the LED lights outlining the the rear windscreen.


hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels
the UVC sterilizing mode turns on when the car is empty, preparing the passengers and driver for the next journey

hyundai's IONIQ concept 'SEVEN' powers up a living space on wheels
at night, IONIQ’s signature parametric pixel lights deliver a welcome light sequence once the engine starts




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status: concept

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