‘bits of wood’ by pepe heykoop all photos by annemarijne bax

designboom is an official media partner of the IFFS international furniture fair singapore that opens march 9th, 2012 and runs until march 12th. held over a 70,000 square metre exhibition space, the 29th ASEAN furniture show stands as asia’s sourcing platform and design-led exhibition. composed of a trilogy of shows – IFFS / AFS, deco asia and hospitality asia – the fair features a comprehensive range of furniture designed a diverse portfolio of international exhibitors.

2012 marks the inaugural year of ‘singaplural‘, a design trail which hosts multiple IFFS satellite exhibitions at various locations throughout singapore’s city centre. these ‘routes’ focus on architecture, furniture, interiors, graphic and fashion design. a main highlight of this new event is design*SCAPE, a concept which alters the conventional way of individual exhibition transforming a congregated platform for local designers or talents to showcase their design artworks. one of the 2012 exhibitors is dutch designer pepe heykoop who has a natural affinity to recycling objects.

IFFS international furniture fair singapore: pepe heykoop ‘bits of wood’ table detail

much of heykoop’s work delves into using leftover scraps from various industries such as wood and leather, which he modifies into new furniture pieces. his latest project ‘bits of wood’ speaks of human consumption and the waste produced in different manufacturing processes, and is a response to how to handle these leftovers. for this series of furniture objects, heykoop has used salvaged wood from a sawmill. the varying pieces of timber have been modified to fit into a mould, where molten tin embraces them and holds them together in place. the tin is derived from a metal recycling department where old tin pots and plates are quality. no glue or screws are used in the production process.

IFFS international furniture fair singapore: pepe heykoop top view of a ‘bits of wood stool’

IFFS international furniture fair singapore: pepe heykoop varying lengths of timber are held together by molten tin

IFFS international furniture fair singapore: pepe heykoop