‘pure sunlight’ by igland design

the ‘pure sunlight‘ table, created by norweigan studio igland design, reflects natural sunlight to the ceiling and walls of a room, increasing ambient light without reliance on batteries, electrical panels, or other technology.

rotating the dials on the table’s sides adjusts the interior mirrors, so they can be angled to best capture sunlight over the course of the day.

igland design: pure sunlight the internal mirror within the glass top can be adjusted to attain the optimal angle for capturing sunlight

with the movement of the sun, the reflected light travels naturally across the room, and the table requires adjustment only every several hours.

because of the height of the top surface, objects placed on the table have only a minimal effect on the light being reflected.

igland design: pure sunlight ‘pure sunlight’ adds reflected light to the room

forgoing sun-tracking mechanisms or additional lighting sources in favour of provoking direct interaction with the table and thus sunlight energy, the designers hope that the device not only minimizes reliance on artificial light during daylight hours, but also increases awareness of how much and what kind of energy we use.

igland design: pure sunlight here the reflected light from the table is clearly visible from a much closer range

igland design: pure sunlight the device can be used as a small table without sacrificing its light-reflecting capacities