iittala and issey miyake create a home collection for everyday rituals 
all images courtesy of iittala x issey miyake




two masters of timeless design from two sides of the world, create a tableware series that expresses a harmonious vision. ‘a collection for everyday rituals’ consists of 30 items which range from textiles, ceramics and glasses. each piece invites you to celebrate the rituals of domestic life by setting a gentle mood through its colors and delicate shapes. the collection is the first brand collaboration for iittala and miyake design studio, it is presented at stockholm design week, 8 – 14 february, 2016. 

I_X_I_group_designboomplacing your home keys on to the table flower is a ritual that can transit you from work mode to home mood




iittala and issey miyake are ideal partners as both brands share similar values and design philosophies. iittala is a master of timeless design icons, whereas issey miyake is a global brand renowned for innovative clothes that go beyond fashion and trends.


‘the two brands have always been true to their philosophy of timeless design and creative thinking. they also value tradition, functionality, craftsmanship and the use of innovative materials and methodologies in their design work,’ says harri koskinen, design director of iittala. the simple and minimal design language of japan and finland complement each other perfectly. a shared respect for tradition and innovative materials has led the two cultures towards an increasingly similar aesthetic – one that is fully realized in the new collection. 

each piece invites you to celebrate the rituals of domestic life 




the collection consists of napkins, placemats, ceramic cups and platters, vases and cushions. the textiles and pentagon forms of the glass and ceramic objects create a tactile sense of play, inviting you to touch and feel the material. the textile products are based on issey miyake’s original folding and pleating techniques, that have been used in his design process since the 1980s. the transformation from the flat to 3d shape of the textile products, mimic blossoming flowers, creating a moment of surprise and wonder.



the homeware collaboration will be presented at the 10 corso como store during milan design week 2016.

I_X_I_placemat_32X45cm_grey_designboom   I_X_I_Tableflower_11cm_pink_designboom

the transformation from the flat shape to the 3d shape of the textile products creates a beautiful incarnation 




the simple and minimal design language of japan and finland complement each other perfectly

Iittala_IXI_designboom_02 Iittala_IXI_designboom_03    

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designboom at stockholm design week 

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UPDATE: ‘a home collection for everyday rituals’ by issey miyake for iitala, is presented during milan design week 2016.