on september 22nd, the DEMOCRATIC DESIGN DAY 2017 keynote event – organized for the second time by IKEA switzerland – was held at ECAL in lausanne. the conference explored thoughts and visions on what the future of living at home will look like. in collaboration with IKEA, designboom invited readers to watch the program presentations via our live streaming from 9:30am CEST throughout friday, september 22nd, 2017.


the event was a success with over 40,000 video views from around the world and in case you missed it, we have gathered them all for you. sit back, relax and enjoy the different speeches by zurich-based italian architect and founder of conceptual devices antonio scarponi; french industrial designer and pragmatic within the field matali crasset; consumer psychologist and thought leader of the trade and consumer good industry simonetta carbonaro; IKEA sweden head of design marcus engman; american architect and designer co-founder of design studio industrial facility kim colins; and renowned architect and designer mario bellini. collectively, they examined questions on how we will live and design the spaces and products that define and constitute our home and everyday life.


antonio scarponi describes design as a form of knowledge at the democratic design day in lausanne



matali crasset shares her approach on living at home through several projects



kim colin’s speech on the future of homes at the democratic design day in lausanne



IKEA head of design marcus engman and the five pillars of democratic design



simonetta carbonaro on the home for all and for ever