for over 75 years, IKEA has been dedicated to helping people to a better life at home. and with air pollution becoming an ever increasing global issue, especially in megacities, the swedish brand has innovated a new, affordable solution to reduce indoor air pollution. the ‘gunrid’ curtain breaks down toxins when it gets in contact with both outdoor and indoor light, making for healthier and happier residents.

IKEA gunrid air-purifying curtain fights pollution inside your home
all images courtesy of IKEA



textiles are used across homes and by enabling a curtain to purify the air, we are creating an affordable and space-saving air purifying solution that also makes the home more beautiful,says mauricio affonso, product developer at IKEA range & supply.


the IKEA ‘gunrid’ enhances unique technology developed by their engineers, designers and specialists as well as with international universities. in a similar process to photosynthesis found in nature, the curtain’s anti-pollution power is activated simply by light. its textile is treated with a mineral-based photo-catalyst surface coating that then processes and reduces common indoor toxins.

IKEA gunrid air-purifying curtain fights pollution inside your home



besides enabling people to breathe better air at home, we hope that gunrid will increase people’s awareness of indoor air pollution, inspiring behavioural changes that contribute to a world of clean air,says lena pripp-kovac, head of sustainability at inter IKEA group. ‘gunrid is the first product to use the technology, but the development will give us opportunities for future applications on other textiles.


with ‘gunrid’ expected to be on the market by 2020, the innovation exemplifies IKEA’s commitment to a world of clean air. in recent years, they have been reducing air pollution from their own operations, such as phasing out hazardous chemicals and decreasing emissions. they also aim to become climate positive by 2030, reducing their climate footprint by 70% per product.