IKEA have found an interesting way of promoting the IKEA family promotion, publishing a paper pregnancy test in swedish women’s magazine amelia, inviting readers to pee on it and if they are they’ll get a crib for half price. ‘peeing on this ad may change your life,‘ reads the IKEA pregnancy test ad, which showcases their sundvik crib.

IKEA – pee ad from
video by ourwork



created by agency åkestam holst in conjunction with material technology company mercene labs, the IKEA ad shows the crib with its price listed alongside. after expectant mothers relieve themselves onto the ad, the paper doubles as a pregnancy test, revealing a new 50% off price tag…but will IKEA employees be prepared to accept the urine-drenched coupons?

ikea pregnancy test ad
images © IKEA/åkestam holst