ambiente 2017: il coccio design edition, a continuation of the italian brand from the 1960s, presents its new collection of ceramic objects for the home. the ceramic family builds upon the success of the brand’s humidifiers that were released in 2010. this time around they have crafted 19 items for various uses designed for different rooms of the home.

il coccio design ambiente designboomnews
‘levante’ clock by dario gaudio
(main image: ‘zeta’ pitcher by sarah ricchiuso
all images courtesy of il coccio design edition


on display throughout the 2017 ambiente fair in frankfurt, il coccio design edition’s new collection is both small and medium in size, designed for easy use, and foster new habits. their form and feel generates great empathy and instinctive attraction with onlookers, promoting an almost immediate relationship between the user, item, and the home. the designs of each object, which are all from different designers, varies and are unique to each other, echoing the characteristics of the ceramic material that has become a trademark for the brand.

il coccio design ambiente designboom11
‘torre’ candle holder by augustina bottoni



made in ceramic from the nove district in vicenza, italy, the collection consists of 19 products that are available in four colors: pure white, green, pink, and grey. included in the list of objects are; the ‘torre’ candle holder by augustina bottoni, the ‘levante’ clock by dario gaudio, and the ‘collo’ vase by odoardo fioravanti. these items for the home were designed under the artistic direction of industrial designer giulio lacchetti, who is the creative director of il coccio design edition.

il coccio design ambiente designboom02
‘cargo’ containers by carmelo zocco 


il coccio design ambiente designboom03
‘lac’ toothbrush holder, ‘paso’ soap dish, and ‘step’ container and jewellery holder by studio klass


il coccio design ambiente designboom07
‘sandro’ candlestick by sovrappensiero design studio


il coccio design ambiente designboom04
‘mancia’ catchall by yet matilde studio


il coccio design ambiente designboom06
‘collectto’ container by odoardo fioravanti


il coccio design ambiente designboom05
‘collo’ vase by odoardo fioravanti


il coccio design ambiente designboom09
‘terno’ centrepiece by valerio sommella


il coccio design ambiente designboom10
‘T-shirt’ vase by lorenzo palmeri 


il coccio design ambiente designboom08
‘tino’ basket by mario scairato