ilan sinai: sensuous tableware
ilan sinai: sensuous tableware
oct 26, 2010

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware

israeli designer ilan sinai explores tableware as more than just a platform for food to be served in. through his ‘sensual tableware’ collection, sinai includes tableware a part of the sensory experience of eating and enjoying a meal, by making it ‘active’. the project offers a menu of three families entitled: ‘senses’, ’20-40-10 (%)’ and ‘channels and drainages’ which are each completed by a first course, main course and dessert plate.

‘senses’ – sense isolation ‘senses’

first course – the sense of hearing here, sinai has developed tableware in the form of earphones, causing the diner to be isolated from his/her surroundings allowing them to concentrate on the small differences in the audio of the food.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘senses’ – first course

main course – the sense of smell an olfactory forming nozzle add curiosity, as the the diner smells the dish just before exposure.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘senses’ – main course

dessert – the sense of touch a teaspoon that causes a smooth texture of chocolate to become grainy and crunchy, caused by manipulation of the utensil’s 3D shape.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘senses’ – dessert

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘senses’ sketches

’20-40-10 (%)’ – the degree of the diner’s activity with the tablewareilan sinai: sensuous tableware ’20-40-10 (%)’

first course – 20 %this involves an unstable soup bowl that requires the diner to hold and shake it in order to mix the additions.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ’20-40-10 (%)’ – first course

main course – 40 % a plate of pasta which has sides that give support as replacement for a spoon. a special fork highlights the axis of the diner’s fork rotation to collect the pasta.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ’20-40-10 (%)’ – main course

dessert – 10% a plate represented as a canvas that allows the diner to mix his / her dessert and leave their ‘artistic mark’ by applying what is left of the dessert onto the plate.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ’20-40-10 (%)’ – dessert

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ’20-40-10 (%)’ models

‘channels and drainages’ – mixing flavors and combinations ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘channels and drainages’

first course – a bowl of soup in two flavors this bowl has two additions on a ‘bridge’ that is built-in. the first addition is added at the beginning. when the soup level reaches the height of the bridge, the second addition is added, create a new flavor to the soup.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘channels and drainages’ – first course

main course – steak with two additions of puree, the center of this plate is raised to emphasize the natural liquids released by the steak.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘channels and drainages’ – main course

dessert – sorbet / ice cream in six flavors with piece of tableware has a slope running from each channel center, from two balls of sorbet or ice cream. the slope allows flavors to mix from the melted desert, presenting an array of three vivid flavors and three mixed flavors.

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘channels and drainages’ – dessert

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘channels and drainages’ models

ilan sinai: sensuous tableware ‘channels and drainages’ sketches

Sensuous Tableware – ENG from ilan sinai on Vimeo.

  • This concept is very impressive. I have worked in fine dining and round plates get boring and sometimes don’t compliment the food that the chefs have put hours in to. As a designer, people expect more and more and want something new and unexpected. This design is subtle and may may allow the users to think about their food more and appreciate the flavours more? Love it.

  • An insane amount of thought must have gone into this design project. As a whole I think it’s value is more in proof of concept – being able to rethink these everyday objects and the interaction with them is far more interesting than actually trying to implement them. Would dare ilan sinai to try that in [url=] my industry [/url] though.

  • Great, that will make things change in this world full of hungry pain and wars. Thank you for your implication, you’ll change that all, mankind is saved.

    stupid no fashion-design worker
  • This is very well thought of, and sort of revolutionary piece of design. (BTW oh, I don’t think it is right intending to say there was no hard work to achieve such result). Opposite to the likes of “Campana bros” whose products are limited to art and irony,this one at least follows within a process, the most important design basics, including the number one of course “form follows function”. Congrats to Ilan

  • Indulgent maybe? but if you applied a similar train of thought, you’d end up dismissing a large part of the stuff exhibited on DesignBoom. Take it for what it is, an exploration of the ideas around the entire sensory experience of eating…..
    A bigger issue I supose would be your last remarks, including wasteful….indeed, most (?) contemporary designer artifacts are depending on how you regard our current (unsustainable) consumer driven society…….

  • Oh dear. Playing with ones food, in a specialized form that seems part plumbing device, part medical devise.
    Are we so bored with food that it seems somehow “creative”
    to engineer new ways to play with it?
    And what about the chef, who presumably worked hard to create tasty dishes, only to have them mixed up in ways that make their flavors muddy?
    Why not a big highchair, with bowels of brightly colored food like substances that can be mixed, spattered, thrown, or smeared all over ones self?
    Sigh. Call me an old crank, but this seems precious, wasteful and unattractive all at the same time.

  • muito legal! parabens!

  • Amazing concept…


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