‘impulsive furnishing unit’ by christian fiebig, itay ohaly and thomas vailly wins the FRAME moooi award 2013image courtesy of the designers




for the second consecutive year, designboom is the official online media partner of the FRAME moooi award, in collaboration with moooi and FRAME magazine.


this year, projects from more than 70 countries were submitted and then anonymously reviewed by juror jana scholze, curator of contemporary furniture and product design at london’s victoria and albert museum. nine finalists were selected, and last night, april 10th, 2013 at the FRAME moooi award party held at via savona, 56 in milan, scholze announced the winner–‘impulsive furnishing unit’ by christian fiebig, itay ohaly and thomas vailly were given the cash grand prize of €25,000.



impulsive furnishing unit wins FRAME moooi award 2013 the ‘impulsive furnishing unit’ surrounded by the adhoc pieces it createsimage courtesy of the designers




the ‘impulsive furnishing unit’ was first conceived for producing furniture for the ‘C-fabriek‘ exhibition at dutch design week 2012, in which the three designers developed a new production unit to create a series of furniture for the space. the result is an entire production system (a whole furniture factory) reduced to the size of a standardized plywood palette which can easily be shipped and produced anywhere.


the adjustment of the CNC machine to the thickness of the material, ensures only that one sheet is cut at a time. as soon the unit is finished slicing through this top layer, it cuts two holes into the handles on one of the length sides of the board. this side of the machine can then be opened and the cut wood can be removed. the apparatus then drops to the next sheet of plywood to continue this process. as one palette of wood is almost finished, it simply needs to be stacked on the next, the ‘impulsive furnishing unit’ continuing to cut sheet by sheet.


the project has been realized with the support of the municipality of eindhoven, stichting ruimte, leeuwerikCNC-discount  and hepcomotion. the CNC machine has been developed by christian fiebig, with the concept and furniture by itay ohaly and thomas vailly.





impulsive furnishing unit wins FRAME moooi award 2013 the ‘impulsive furniture unit’image courtesy of the designers



impulsive furnishing unit wins FRAME moooi award 2013 top (from left to right): thomas vailly, itay ohaly, robert thiemann, co-founder of FRAME magazine, christian fiebig, jana scholze and marcel wandersbottom: marcel wanders unlocks the suitcase of prize money handcuffed to robert theimann’s hands and presents the award to the winnersimages © designboom



the designers explain the concept of the ‘impulsive furnishing unit’video courtesy of FRAME publishers


the other eight finalists of the 2013 FRAME moooi award were:

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  1/5impulsive furnishing unit  impulsive furnishing unit by christian fiebig  impulsive furnishing unit by christian fiebig, thomas vailly, itay ohaly  impulsive furnishing unit plywood palette  impulsive furnishing unit CNC machine