‘incubators’ by verbatim at milan design week 2011 image © designboom

at milan design week 2011, japanese brand verbatim exhibited the capabilities and characteristics of their latest OLED technologies in ‘incubator’. divided into three sections, the installation featured a progression of varied and increasingly encompassing environments that looked to provide visitors with a multi-sensory experience of light and sound. each space, which drastically differs from the last, aimed to develop a resonating atmosphere that entices the viewer in a new and innovative way.

incubators by verbatim inside the third incubator image © designboom

in the third and most impressive environment, two large luminaries dominate the space, their cubic geometric forms reflecting around the mirrored room. each pendant – one hanging, one standing – consists of thirty OLED lights that are individually wrapped in traditional japanese paper. shifting between various shades of bright and diffused colors, the panels respond to the surrounding environment as they synchronize with music and human activity.

incubators by verbatim detail of OLED’s covered in japanese paper image © designboom

incubators by verbatim reflection of the main pendant image © designboom

incubators by verbatim multi-colored pendant image © designboom

incubators by verbatim reflection around room image © designboom

positioned between the entrance and the prominent mirrored space was the second incubator which houses twenty-five

identical pillars. each housing an individual touch sensitive OLED panel, the simple but effective installation featured a

continually changing atmosphere of light and sound that gently snakes through the small dark room. a multitude of colors

and combinations illuminate the tunnel-like space, corresponding to both music and the curiosity of each visitor.

incubators by verbatim inside the second incubator image © designboom

incubators by verbatim rainbow of changing OLED panels image © designboom

incubators by verbatim touch-sensitive panels would change colors when visitors interacted with them image © designboom

incubators by verbatim

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