12 – competition background

INFINITI. a new approach to cars.

INFINITI’s vision has always been to transform the predictable into the extraordinary. combining innovative design with intuitive technology, an INFINITI vehicle is an entirely different kind of car for an entirely different kind of driver.

shiro nakamura, INFINITI’s senior vice president of design, stays true to his idea that the most beautiful and high-performing design can be achieved through simplicity. ‘everything starts with a single line’ is his firm belief.

with infinity, every drive is an inspired performance.

INFINITI’s unique approach to luxury obviously couldn’t find its place in a traditional dealership. instead, the showrooms are designed more like art galleries, featuring high-end materials, paintings and modern art along its walls, and custom soundtracks.

this environment, in combination with the attentive hospitality of  INFINITI ambassadors, makes each visit to an INFINITI showroom a premium experience. unique places for unique talents: your creation, winning the digital art competition,

will become the unforgettable star of our new showrooms opening throughout europe.

inside and outside of INFINITI galleries for use as reference