CURVED VISIONS, the second edition of the INFINITI DIGITAL ART COMPETITION, is now open!

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or continue reading below for information about the first competition, INSPIRED PERFORMANCE.


C A L L – F O R – E N T R I E S designboom in collaboration with INFINITI announces an international competition in digital art. participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to artists, professionals, vjs, students, and design-enthusiasts. free registration required.

participants are asked to design spectacular or interactive digital artworks, to be displayed in the new centers that INFINITI is opening throughout europe.

INFINITI’s vision has always been to transform the predictable into the extraordinary. combining innovative design with intuitive technology, an INFINITI vehicle is an entirely different kind of car for an entirely different kind of driver.

with INFINITI, every drive is an inspired performance.

01 – the subject of the international competition is


participants are asked to design – an interior installation piece – and/or digital artwork for a building facade to become the unforgettable star of showroom opening events throughout europe, artworks will bring new ideas and emotions to visitors.

the INFINITI DIGITAL ART COMPETITION will take place over the course of one year. each of three entry periods focuses on one element of the INFINITI brand, which your creativity will transform into the theme of an innovative or interactive installation.

what will the winning creations look like? your capabilities and imagination will decide. submissions may take the form of interactive digital installations or sculptures, visual projections on INFINITI’s buildings, 3D mapping experiments, or other exciting new media works, you will be able to use Microsoft Surfaces if you want.

we encourage artists to submit projects that include both a design intended for exterior projection, as well as one for interior installation, but submissions may also be composed of just one of these.

the use of digital media should be fundamental to the artwork: submissions that use video projection only as a mean to display print or physical works will not be considered relevant.

infiniti digital art competition

02 – registration

registration is now open; please fill out the form. you may submit your design at any time after registering.

team submission are welcomed, but please register with one name only.
 when submitting your design you will have the opportunity to list all team members’ names.

registrations are closed

03 – awards

there are two categories for creations: exterior and interior display. for each theme, the jury will shortlist 3 exterior creations and 3 interior installations, sourced from 3 to 6 artists. each shortlisted project will be installed at several showroom opening events, in amongst the hottest cities across europe. the public attending the events will be deciding the winner, a nd online voting will be organised..

the INFINITI DIGITAL ART COMPETITION consists of three themes over the year-long period, hence 3 winners. each of the three winners will receive a prize of 10,000 euro.

as always, designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.

 04 – jury
 a jury composed of design and arts professionals, advertising agencies, experts related to the theme of the competition, and top automotive professionals will select the best creations, to be showcased during the INFINITI showroom opening events.

the jury for the first theme of the competition will be composed of: – adrian newey, chief technical officer, RED BULL RACING – yeoh gh, creative director, SUPER NATURE DESIGN – birgit lohmann, co-founder and editor-in-chief, designboom – jean pierre diernaz, marketing director,  INFINITI europe, middle east, india, and africa

each opening event will be streamed live to the web. following the event, visitors to the showroom will vote online for the winner of this round from among the shortlisted entries they saw on exhibition. the overall winner for the theme can be chosen based on an exterior project, an interior creation, or a work that combined the two.

 05 – design criteria

each participant’s project will include either one or two creations to become the star of INFINITI showroom opening event. it is recommended that submitted projects include both a design intended for interior projection, as well as one for interior installation, but projects composed of either only an exterior or only an interior piece will also be considered.

acceptable project formats include interactive sculptures; video, image, or flash projections; processing or max applications; or other digitally-mediated works that address the competition’s themes.

the digital works may be supported by physical material (sculptures, the showroom cars, furniture, painting, electronics, showroom floor or ceiling, screens, etc), and may use any of the standard elements on INFINITI’s european showrooms.

time-based entries should have a maximum length of 2 minutes.

we welcome projects that combine a number of different media and approaches (2D, 3D projections, sculptures, video mapping, holograms, film projection, music, etc)

please keep in mind that your works will be installed and managed by a third party, 
and thus should be both easily assembled and cost effective. projects that are too expensive
 or difficult to produce will not be realized and thus cannot advance to the second stage 
of the competition, even if they are originally selected by the jury as winning designs.

the winning formula will be clearly linked to INFINITI’s DNA and will express the theme of the competition: INSPIRED PERFORMANCE.

conceptually or physically, INFINITI cars should be in some way the heroes of the creation. of course, the most impactful projects will achieve a mix of innovation and interactivity, generating an emotional response in those who experience the work.

projects may take any form, as long as they address in some way the idea of INSPIRED PERFORMANCE.

INFINITI has provided a library of images and videos that participants can use either for inspiration for their project or to include within their entry.

infiniti digital art competition
infiniti digital art competition
infiniti digital art competition

addittional assets are available here

 06 – registration deadline

for INSPIRED PERFORMANCE:  has just been extended to july 10th at 12pm your local time

 07 – submit your entry / entries participants can submit concepts that are not fully developed but close to final execution. these concepts can be presented via a story board or via a video. between the submission deadline and the first showcase there will be 2 months during which the selected shortlisted participants will be able to fully develop their idea and produce / realize their installation.

if you are entering more than one work,
 please submit each work separately.

for each submission, you will be requested to supply: 1. up to 6 files (images and videos) for uploading to designboom
 images or a composition of images of your project. image size: 818 pixels wide.

to upload your images please use only .gif or .jpeg files at 72 dpi in RGB color mode. maximum 200 kb each file.

video clips: we accept flv or swf files only. 818 pixels wide. maximum file size 10MB.

the entry submitted is a low-res version of your original work. please note that high-resolution image(s)
/video will be requested if your work is shortlisted. broadcasting of the shortlisted entries will require HD files, 1920 x 1080, non-compressed (mov, avi, etc.)

2. explanation of ideas a brief description of your design.
 (english text only, please be concise)

3. statement of acceptance of the competition guidelines
 competition guidelines: projects participating to the competition, must be original works. projects must be free from copyrights 
and any kind of obligation. the design shall not in any way infringe on 
any third party’s right, including but not limited to copyright, logos, 
trademark, trade names, or other proprietary rights of publicity or 

only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted. (when submitting your design you will be asked to tick a box of declaration)

submissions are closed

 08 – deadline for submission of entries works can be submitted through july 10th, for the INSPIRED PERFORMANCE competition.

the dates of the three rounds of the competition are:

INSPIRED PERFORMANCE  (april 19th – july 10th), the dates of the second and third competitions will be announced in the future; keep checking the designboom homepage.

 09 – announcement of the results
 results will be announced  3 weeks after every submission deadline
. the jury’s selection is final and is not debatable.

 10 – intellectual property rights any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for application is designer’s property. however, by submitting a design in the competition, the participant agrees to provide INFINITI
 with the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design. this option is valid for 6 months after 
the end of the competition. in the event that INFINITI exercises the option to use the rights for production on an exclusive basis and sine die (without time limitations), INFINITI will make an agreement with the participant on usual royalties conditions for the transfer of intellectual property rights. and, by participating in the competition, all participants authorise designboom and  INFINITI to publish and exhibit all the designs (including project data submitted) – waiving compensation – at exhibitions and events and/or to use them in any publications communications or promotions that designboom and INFINITI may deem suitable and/or necessary. in any cases, each time the creation is used, they must refer to the competition they originate from. designboom and  INFINITI will credit the designer’s name to properly attribute authorship of work to promote the author adequately. INFINITI will have the right to apply minor change amendments without damaging the integrity of the artwork – e.g. add the INFINITI logo and text, reframing, translation, changing colors, cutting the background or parts of it, etc… in case designboom and INFINITI want to bring major changes to  the submitted artwork for publication, designboom and INFINITI will contact the designer and inform him/her about the use to obtain the designer’s consent.

 11 – questions?

please click any of the following questions, or see our FAQ below to find out:

what file formats, programs, and hardware will be supported for projects?

should I submit modeling files or code along with the images for my project?

can I submit a design proposal even if I do not have the technical background to create the project?

I have an interactive installation but it involves a sculpture I have created. can I still submit the project?

what are the assets packages?

can I submit video or stationary images for projection or only interactive projects?

can I submit an audio-only piece?

any further inquiries should be addressed to [email protected] ;
 make sure to write INFINITI DIGITAL ART COMPETITION in the subject line

12 – competition background

INSPIRED PERFORMANCE. INFINITI cars offer a uniquely exhilarating and invigorating performance. 
 our cars are designed for drivers to enjoy, offering them the possibility to overcome their limits.

 INFINITI’s power has a unique feel. it starts soft and delicately, 
gradually delivering an increasing quantity of power
that gives the acceleration the feel of endlessly increasing G’s.

 INFINITI’s technology is a discreet presence that provides all the support a driver may need 
while letting him concentrate exclusively on driving performance, freeing him to be uniquely inspired.

 and the same is true for our design.
shiro nakamura, INFINITI’s senior vice president of design, always stays true to his idea 
that the most beautiful and high-performing design can be achieved through simplicity. 
’everything starts with a single line’ is his firm belief.

 and you? 
 where do you draw inspiration to perform and create something unique?
INFINITI. a new approach to cars

13 – frequently asked questions


what file formats, programs, and hardware will be supported for projects?should I submit modeling files or code along with the images for my project?can I submit a design proposal even if I do not have the technical background to create the project?I have an interactive installation but it involves a sculpture I have created. can I still submit the project?what are the assets packages?can I submit video or stationary images for projection or only interactive projects?can I submit an audio-only piece?

— what file formats, programs, and hardware will be supported for projects?   ^ your submission should illustrate your design concept, in the form of text, photographs, storyboards, or video.

for the actual project itself, at present there are no restrictions for either hardware or software. you may utilize most kinds of audiovisual, modeling, and interaction design formats and tools, including but not limited to openframeworks, arduino, processing, max, microsoft surfaces and kinect.

— should I submit modeling files or code along with the images for my project?  ^ no, you do not need to submit any code or source files with your submission. however, in the event that your project is shortlisted, you should be able to provide within two months all instructions, files, or code necessary for your project to be installed.

can I submit a design proposal even if I do not have the technical background to create the project?  ^ all projects should be able to be created by the individual or team submitting them. if your design is shortlisted, you are expected to provide within two months from the submission deadline all instructions, files, or source code necessary for the third-party to install your project.

it is perfectly acceptable, however, to submit project ideas that are still in the concept stage, as long as you will be able to realize the work within two months of the submission deadline.

of course you are also welcome to submit proposals as a team in which one or more individuals has designed the artistic concept, and one or more others has generated the technical foundation.

I have an interactive installation but it involves a one-off sculpture I have created. can I still submit the project?  ^ yes! we welcome multimedia installations, including those that involve physical sculptures. in the event that your project is shortlisted, you may discuss with designboom and infiniti whether you would prefer to personally make and ship the sculptures (shipping cost paid for by infiniti) or if there is a way for a third party to create the pieces, under your instruction.

please remember that your project will be exhibited in approximately five showrooms throughout europe. infiniti reserves the right to not produce projects that are too expensive, fragile, or complicated to install, even if they are originally selected by the jury for the shortlist.

what are the assets packages?  ^ these files are images and video that INFINITI has providedto help inspire and inform you as you design your projects. you are permitted but not obligated to incorporate any of these files directly in your submission.

can I submit video or stationary images for projection, or only interactive projects?  ^ we encourage any project design that might be used to create an engaging, immersive environment. this includes 3D mapping and interactive exterior installations, but also projected images or video.

in the case of more static works, you should include in your description your vision of how the project creates an interesting, immersive space, in which visitors will experience the idea of INSPIRED PERFORMANCE.

can I submit an audio-only piece?  ^ no, all submissions should include some kind of visual component. however you are welcome to include interactive audio as an integral component of the design.