inga sempé sets the table with collo-alto cutlery for alessi




inga sempé debuts the ‘collo-alto’ cutlery set for alessi at maison et objet 2015. the utensils are defined by a thin elongated stem that extends into a narrow handle offering visually interesting proportions and for which the pieces take their name – meaning ‘high neck’ in italian.


‘collo-alto’ is comprised of: a table knife, dessert spoon, soup spoon & table fork / fish knife & fish fork / ice cream spoon, mocha coffee spoon, coffee spoon & tea spoon / dessert knife, dessert fork & dessert spoon / ice cream spoon & pastry fork / salad set / serving spoon & serving fork / cake server & ladle / mocha coffee spoon, coffee spoon, tea spoon, dessert spoon, soup spoon, salad spoon, serving spoon & service spoon for risotto

inga sempe alessi collo alto designboom
the ‘collo-alto’ collection is defined by a very narrow stemcollo-alto by inga sempe for alessi designboom inga sempe alessi collo alto designboom
‘collo-alto’ serving spoon and forkinga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_005
‘collo-alto0 coffee and tea spooninga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_006
‘collo-alto’ dessert spoon
inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_007
‘collo-alto’ ice cream spoon inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_008
‘collo-alto’ cake server
inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_009
the entire line-up of ‘collo-alto’ spoonsinga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_010
‘collo-alto’ table knife, desert spoon, soup spoon and table fork


inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_013inga-sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_011
‘collo-alto’ fish knife and fish fork inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_012
‘collo-alto’ ice cream spoon, mocha coffee spoon, coffee and tea spoon
inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_014
‘collo-alto’ ice cream spoon and pastry fork  inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_015
‘collo-alto’ serving spoon and serving fork inga sempe_collo-alto_alessi_designboom_017
‘collo-alto’ cake server & ladle