inga sempé brightens up wästberg’s lighting collection with lampyre + w103f floorlamp




inga sempé continues to explore the world of lighting in her ongoing collaboration with swedish company wästberg. since 2010, the french creative has designing a luminaires for wästberg that bring forth new ways of looking at and experiencing luminosity within the domestic environment. on the occasion of the 2016 stockholm furniture and light fair,  sempé debuts ‘lampyre’; and expands her previous ‘w103’ series with a modular floorlamp version.

inga sempe wastberg stockholm furniture light fair designboom
‘w103’ floor lamp




the ‘w103s’ series was originally conceived as a table lamp. taking on the aesthetic of traditional tool machine lighting, it is defined by a silhouette that brings to mind the image of a small umbrella. sempé then transposed the design into a pendant version which could be composed as single or multiple hanging shades, suspended or attached on a rail for linear arrangements or polygonal configurations. now, sempé brings forth a modular floor version to complete the ‘w103’ range. the standing edition comes with interchangeable table elements providing an extra surface to place a book, or cup of tea; and has a vertical shaft that can be moved up and down so that users can easily adjust the height of the lighting according to their needs. another bonus is that more than one lamp shade can screwed into the top at a straight or tilted position, offering a controllable brilliance; and components of various colors can be mixed and matched to create a unique lighting experience. inga sempe wastberg stockholm furniture light fair designboom
different colored components can be combined to create a unique lighting experience

the modularity of the ‘w103f’ lamp

inga sempe wastberg stockholm furniture light fair designboom
‘lampyre’ by inga sempé for wästberg




‘lampyre’ on the other hand, takes on a formal and material approach that differs from the sleek aluminium ‘w103’ collection. instead, ‘lampyre’ is more robust in its presence, taking on a the iconic shape of a lamp. ‘lampyre’ takes its name from a type of glow-worm, which can be associated with the very natural, soft glow that is emitted from within. it is composed to two opaline glass parts: a cylindrical base supporting a large conic shade, which sees the luminosity equally distributed from base to top, spreading a plain and calm light that can be very bright; or be decreased to a phantomatic glow via a dimmer. ‘lampyre’ is available in two sizes.

inga sempe wastberg stockholm furniture light fair designboom
‘lampyre’ comes in two different sizes: H 31 / Ø 24 cm and H 50 / Ø 38 cminga sempe wastberg stockholm furniture light fair designboom
the large ‘lampyre’ is ideal in a big room emitting efficient soft light, while the smaller one on a bedside table

‘lampyre’ and ‘w103’ table lamps by inga sempé for wästberglampyre_1