INSAYN's cocktail bar design in Barcelona oozes jungle energy

INSAYN's cocktail bar design in Barcelona oozes jungle energy

‘pantera mambo – cocktail bar’ by INSAYN: an eclectic ‘white jungle’ pulsing with energy


Set in El Raval, Barcelona, the ‘Pantera Mambo – cocktail bar’ explodes with emotion, energy, and mystery. Each night, three ‘panthers’ welcome guests into a ‘white jungle’ made of iron, glass, and grating, with colored lights addinf a pop of heat and thrill to the industrial backdrop. Spanish studio INSAYN completed the bar interior in August 2021, drawing their eclectic design inspiration from the Colombian ‘Pantera Mambo’ song. 

pantera mambo cocktail bar 11
all images © Marc Nogué



an industrial mix elevated by vibrant, colored lights 


INSAYN (see more here) custom-built the cocktail bar’s counters and tables using galvanized and perforated grating. Meanwhile, stools were carved out of glass and bathroom walls were clad in corrugated iron planks. This material combination pairs nicely with the choice of lighting effects — striking a perfect balance between transparency and opacity, darkness and colors, movement and stillness. At some point in the bathroom, three different light hues (blue, orange and green) blend together, forming a new color that casts itself onto the corrugated iron plane, flooding the space with a thrilling atmosphere. 

pantera mambo cocktail bar 1
the cocktail bar is set in El raval, Barcelona

pantera mambo cocktail bar 2
an industrial mix evoking a ‘white jungle’

INSAYN's cocktail bar design in Barcelona oozes jungle energy
three ‘panthers’ welcome guests into the eclectic, mysterious space

pantera mambo cocktail bar 5
lights, reflection, and perspective fuel the bar atmosphere

pantera mambo cocktail bar 3
custom-built furniture using glass and grating

pantera mambo cocktail bar 8
iron walls reflect back the vivid lights cast in the bathroom





project info:


name: Pantera Mambo – cocktail bar

location: El Raval, Barcelona, Spain

total area: 110 square meters
design: INSAYN

team: Célia Antunez & Michelle Lopez

photography: Marc Nogué



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