inside out lamp inverts the relationship between metal and concrete
all photos courtesy of mohammad masoudshahi




inside out lamp represents a physical manifestation of daevas studio’s reconceptualizing of the form of concrete. in contrast to its typical purpose of supporting other elements, the concrete shape is the object of focus. the understated elegance is achieved by employing fibonacci’s spiral in the pieces fundamental form. by giving the two sides of the lamp radically different forms, it simultaneously preserves the elements characteristic hardness while examining its potential for refinement. as the small steps progress delve deeper into the ‘inside’ of the lamp, the versatility of concrete is revealed. the bare brass shade continues the motif of bringing the inside to the forefront. typically steel rebar lends concrete its strength, however, by bringing the metal to the exterior it reveals the potential beauty of the typically hidden inner form. inside out lamp achieves its dynamic form by inverting the typical relationship between metal and concrete.


inside out lamp daevas designboom3
a side view reveals the concentric linearity gradually stepping deeper into the lamps body

inside out lamp daevas designboom5
the external surface is intentionally left unfinished to show the naturally raw character of the concrete

inside out lamp daevas designboom6
the brass lamp shades use of negative space provides balance to the solid, heavy form of the base

inside out lamp daevas designboom7
the precise spacing of the steps details the capacity for highly refined concrete product

inside out lamp daevas designboom9
the front face presents an uncompromising form the achieves a strong aesthetic

inside out lamp daevas designboom10
a detailed look at the joining of brass with concrete, the seamless transition reveals the expert craftsmanship needed to produce such and item

inside out lamp daevas designboom11
the sheathed cord’s grey braided finish does not detract from the regular form of the lamp




edited by: trevor reed | designboom 


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