ionna vautrin’s clover pilot light hangs at frankfurt’s ambiente 2015
images courtesy of michel giesbrecht




french designer ionna vautrin’s ‘clover’ pilot light, exhibits for lexon design at the 2015 ambiente trade show in frankfurt. able to be hung from a multitude of objects including tree branches, hooks, and bags, the lantern can create a rural atmosphere or a garland when in a group. as well, when in a collection, the plastic lights form a large chandelier that appears like a swarm of fireflies. considering this effect, it provides a reassuring presence and glow when put in a child’s room.
in groups, the lights look like a swarm of glowing fireflies


they can hang from a range of objects




the light measures 30 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm


the plastic lantern is available in blue or yellow


it creates a reassuring atmosphere