‘coloriage’ by isabelle lochet. all images are courtesy of isabelle lochet

‘coloriage’ by french designer isabelle lochet is a chandelier constructed from colored pencils. the whimsical lighting fixture consists of a total of 108 colored pencils – 6 boxes of 18 colored pencils . each box of pencils makes up one of the hanging light’s ‘branches’.

isabelle lochet: coloriage six branches of 18 colored pencils each, extend from the light’s central rod

in order to articulate the directions in which the branches extend from the main fixture, the pencils are connected from end to end by steel springs, allowing flexibility, with each of the branches rotating around the central bulb. the abstract arrangement of the pencil crayons break the light in all directions, cast linear shadows onto the wall.

isabelle lochet: coloriage

‘coloriage’ comes in the following shapes: round:  +/- 80 cm wide long: +/- 90 cm height ceiling rod: +/- 50 cm high