‘fragmented cabinetry’ by itay ohaly all images courtesy of itay ohaly

israeli designer itay ohaly has created a process that breaks down the practice of creating an object into simple, fragmented ideas. generally, the designer has an end goal and is the one who drives all the developments from start to finish. with ‘fragmented cabinetry’, this linear logic is eliminated, each step relating only to the one before it.   
to ensure there is no end goal in mind, each of the phases is completed by a different person who follow basic instructions which are given to them. they are not made aware of the purpose of their actions. eventually as the process ensues, ohaly participates in the development of the furniture piece, gradually increasing his involvement,  making more decisions and ultimately executing the final result. 

itay ohaly: fragmented cabinetryfragmented shelf and desk combination 

itay ohaly: fragmented cabinetryinstructions 

the light grey colors depict decisions made my people outside the project, while the dark grey shows ohaly’s influence on the design. 

itay ohaly: fragmented cabinetry process examples 

itay ohaly: fragmented cabinetryprocess examples 

itay ohaly: fragmented cabinetrycabinet design instructions