‘metamorphosis: die verwandlung’ by jakub berdych photo by gabriel urbánek

jakub berdych of czech studio, qubus has completed various glassworks by manipulating traditionally crafted pieces from the czech republic from which he creates new forms, merging diversity from ubiquitous objects that are most often precious and valuable to a certain generation. ‘metamorphosis: die verwandlung’ finds value in reappropriating something old and familiar by giving it a new aesthetic through repeatedly heating and reshaping old vases from his grandparents or pieces he has collected over time. here, highly demanding craftsmanship traditional glassmaking techniques and craftsmanship are contrasted by cheap materials such as plastic clamps and clips.

jakub berdych: new glass works for qubusmetamorphosis glass vase series photo by gabriel urbánek

jakub berdych: new glass works for qubus ‘the birth and death of beauty’ by jakub berdych

in his ‘the birth and death of beauty’ series, berdych used a tedious process that tends to have a high risk of fracture. the highly repetitive enamel technique which he employs to decorate another grouping of glass vessels, requires firing the glass upward to as many as six times.

jakub berdych: new glass works for qubus‘light’ by jakub berdych

‘light’ utilizes old lamps from the 1970s, where they are rebuilt to be supported by a glass structure. the illusion of light becoming glass and glass becoming light is evident through the composition when the lamp is turned on.