‘jiujie chair’ by jamy yang for steelcase



american furniture manufacturer steelcase invited chinese designer jamy yang  to participate in a crossover project based on the classic ‘think chair’ that was designed by glen oliver low previously for the company.


the result is called ‘jiujie chair’, task seating for the office made from an eco-plastic that jamy developed in 2010. in order to reduce waste, jamy wove the chair’s skeleton with the cut-off eco-plastic to create a colorful and comfortable ‘nest’ of sorts. sitting inside the egg-shaped hood which hangs over one’s head will force users to think about how we should face the degrading environment surrounded by increasing waste.


this is the first occasion in which steelcase has cooperated with chinese mainland designers and artists. 


jamy yang: jiujie chair for steelcase

the eco-plastic is woven around the frame of the chair creating a nest effect




jamy yang: jiujie chair for steelcase the chair features a ‘hood’ that hangs over the sitter’s head



jamy yang: jiujie chair for steelcase