jardin d’hiver series by géraldine biard helps calm dementia patients
all images courtesy of géraldine biard




french designer géraldine biard’s debut collection ‘jardin d’hiver’ is the result of hands on research and observation of dementia patients in switzerland. during her studies she noticed that in addition to anxiety caused by the condition, the patients’ care environments were causing stress. the line, which includes two bedside cabinets, a credenza, and a console table questions medical design conventions, and establishes contemporary standards for healthcare furnishings.

sculpted mountain range 




in order to create a better environment for patients, biard engages users’ senses — sight, smell, touch. each piece is integrated with an aroma diffuser and programmed light therapy lamp, which can be utilized day and night to alleviate anxiety and various sleep disturbances associated with dementia. all ‘jardin d’hiver’ works are composed of wood, copper, and corian®; the latter being chosen for its translucent materiality.

jardin d'hiver series gerladine biard designboom
back door access to diffusor and lamp




‘jardin d’hiver’ evokes a snow covered landscape, as if seen through the frame of a distant window. aromatherapy emanates from the peak of a sculpted mountain, and light therapy comes from behind a diffusing graphic scenery. the series is meant to help patients escape their daily realities, and hopefully give them some comfort as well. ‘jardin d’hiver’ is being presented at designjunction, september 24-27th as part of london design festival 2015

jardin d'hiver series by géraldine biard helps calm dementia patients
copper handle 

engraved logo of géraldine biard 

jardin d'hiver series by géraldine biard helps calm dementia patientsdiffused landscape visible through corian®

jardin d'hiver series gerladine biard designboom
at night, the diffused light helps relax and comfort patients 

bedside cabinet, teak edition 

bedside cabinet, drawer detail

console table and credenza

jardin d'hiver series gerladine biard designboom
biard’s design highlights the identity of each material



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