‘modo’ chandelier image © designboom

brooklyn-based designer jason miller presented new works and recent projects at the ICFF 09. he also participated in the NY local exhibition curated by designboom which took place in the meatpacking district during new york design week 09.

view miller’s work at NY local exhibition here

jason miller: 'modo' chandelier‘modo’ chandelier image © designboom

the ‘modo’ chandelier is designed to be versatile. a spoke and hub system allows the ‘modo’ chandelier to be configured in dozens of different ways to create lamps of almost any size and shape. all the parts are customized through CNC milling made from solid aluminum.

jason miller: 'modo' chandelier‘tints’ table image © designboom

‘tints’ are a series of maple frame tables with a colored glass top. the tables are inspired by a piece of iconic american design: aviator sunglasses. the glass is colored with a layer of plastic laminated between two pieces of clear glass. this process allows for tables of virtually any color.

jason miller: 'modo' chandelier‘tints’ table image © designboom

jason miller: 'modo' chandelierjason miller portrait © designboom

jason miller: 'modo' chandelier‘modo’ chandelier

jason miller: 'modo' chandelier‘rigger’ pendant lamp

the rigger pendant lamp takes its idea from ship’s rigging.