‘the country camper’ by jasper morrison and camper all images courtesy of camper and jasper morrison ltd.




london-based designer jasper morrison has teamed up with spanish shoemaker camper to reinvent the first shoe they had ever sold, the ‘camaleon’. ‘the country trainer’ is a reinvention of the original shoe from the late 1920s, which was a practical, hand-stitched shoe constructed out of canvas, tyre treads and cut-to-size hemp thread. the new design still keeps true to the functional nature and simple spirit of the classic in a more contemporary and sporty shape. canvas fabric is paired with suede leather for the body of the shoe while camper’s trademark ‘ideal stitching’ construction provides comfort and flexibility.


‘the country trainer’, along with jasper morrison’s latest designs are presented at his london shop in correlation with london design week 2010. a second exhibition entitled, ‘trays from around the world’ exhibits the studio’s work, tracing parallels to the ideas and shapes that inform morrison’s creative language.

jasper morrison camper shoes designboom profile

jasper morrison camper shoes designboom (left) tongue tag (right) lace detail